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ICAS cares about your future

A pioneer in employee assistance since 1987, ICAS has continually evolved to guarantee it meets the current and future needs of businesses worldwide. While traditional EAP services support and guide, ICAS understands that now, more than ever, the health, wellbeing, and psychological safety of all employees needs to be integral to your business strategy.


By delivering the full spectrum of employee assistance services to all industry sectors over this time, ICAS has developed the intellectual property and expertise needed to establish an integrated employee assistance program and has also assembled an extensive, diverse, and experienced global network of accredited partners.


We have gained vast experience in developing rigorous clinical practices and procedures that work across different countries and cultures around the world.

35 years

of experience

We are an established and truly global company and a pioneer in employee assistance.


are one of your most important assets

ICAS has developed the most effective way to protect one of the most important assets of your business – your employees.

Overview of services

All programs are customised to your environment, taking the changing global business landscape and evolving workforce needs into consideration. ICAS offers diverse tailored services that set us apart from other providers. The ICAS Hub mobile app is one such offering, providing your employees with extensive resources, ease of service access such as access to live chat counselor and push-to-call access points.

Global Employee Assistance Program

The ICAS Global EAP (Employee Assistance Program) empowers your employees to take control of their wellbeing, living more productive work lives and more enhanced personal lives. With the ICAS Global EAP, your entire workforce and their immediate family have access to 24/7/365 counseling services, provided in local languages and delivered in-country.

Learning and Development

With ICAS’ innovative Learning and Development, your workforce will receive development and resilience training whilst simultaneously bolstering your company’s grit, growth, and productivity.


Traditional classroom learning used to be the go-to method for knowledge sharing and skills development. However, this outdated technique is expensive, takes time, and often doesn’t fully address the participants’ needs. As a result, e-Learning, with its convenience, targeted approach, and speed, is pushing the learning industry on a new course.

What our clients say

Our clients

ICAS is now becoming Lyra
The leading EAP solution with short-term counselling to support employee well-being and life management needs.
ICAS is now becoming Lyra
The leading EAP solution with short-term counselling to support employee well-being and life management needs.