About us

We are a leading global provider of EAPs, health and wellbeing services, and critical incident support.


Global expertise, local knowledge
ICAS operates across 6 continents, partnering with more than 2,400 companies to care for over 6.5 million employees. Whilst our reach is global, our service always remains local. ICAS is the only advanced EAP provider that combines a strong local presence with practical and commercial knowledge of their operational regions. Local account managers and clinicians understand the linguistic, cultural, financial, and legal intricacies of the organizations they serve, delivering uniquely localized care to a consistent global standard.

6 Continents

of operations
We are an established and truly global company and a pioneer in employee assistance.

6.5 Million

ICAS has developed the most effective way to protect one of the most important assets of your business – your employees.


Quality of care

ICAS achieves its unrivaled quality of service through rigorous clinical recruitment processes and constant user feedback. Every clinician has a master’s level qualification and over 5 years of counselling experience in a workplace-related role. We employ stringent measurement against the four domains of quality, client experience, effectiveness, accessibility, and timeliness to constantly achieve global best practices.

Confidentiality, data security, and privacy protection are key to our success. Our strict guidelines on global standards of ethics and data protection mean employees can feel secure in the knowledge that all aspects of their user journey are completely confidential.

Customised services

Your ICAS service will be unique to your business needs and budget. We provide bespoke solutions that perfectly match the needs of the business and its employees currently. A constant review process ensures we adapt, grow, and develop your service with you as required.

Innovation for human connection

Global expertise, local knowledge
ICAS believes that to proactively care for a workforce, digital innovation can complement meaningful, personal connections. Technology has extended our capabilities and allowed for significantly more opportunities for users to engage. At the same time, our intelligent triage system quickly identifies when individuals would benefit from a more human connection.


As a forward-thinking company, we believe in offering technology solutions without losing meaningful personal connections.


point of access
Our programs and services are accessible via secure chat, webinars, video, voice calls and mobile applications.

Leadership team

Chief Executive Officer

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ICAS is now becoming Lyra
The leading EAP solution with short-term counselling to support employee well-being and life management needs.
ICAS is now becoming Lyra
The leading EAP solution with short-term counselling to support employee well-being and life management needs.