• Who are we?

    ICAS International partner with organisations throughout the world
    to enhance performance and wellbeing, whilst reducing the costs
    associated with absenteeism and presenteeism.

ICAS International is a leading global provider of employee assistance programmes, health and wellbeing services and critical incident support.

Our History

Helping your employees stay healthy, focussed and productive for 35 years

  • 1987 – Established in the UK as a specialist psychological services business
  • 1990 – Opened first EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) in the UK
  • 1995 – Became a leading player in the UK EAP market
  • 1998 – Opened 1st overseas Network Partnership in the Netherlands
  • 2004 – First annual ICAS International Conference held
  • 2007 – ICAS acquired by AXA PPP Healthcare as part of the AXA Group’s global healthcare expansion strategy
  • 2015 – Established Strategic Alliance with Empathia Inc. to expand US operations.
  • 2016 – Global Operations Centre centralised to consolidate operations & emphasise operational expertise
  • 2017 – Established partnership with Atlas Insurance (Malta) & Bulgaria Insurance (Bulgaria) to exploit local market opportunities
  • 2018 – ICAS Nordic assumed responsibility for all Scandinavian territories.
  • 2020 – ICAS International acquired by private equity partner ROX Equity Partners Limited, a UK-based global investment company. ROX invests in companies at the nexus of health and mobile technology, partnering with management to create value.

Our Approach

Understanding your business

In order to provide the best possible solutions and services, we take the time to understand your business. Our global team will work hand in hand with your local companies to ensure that your business gets the most out of its wellbeing partner.

Programmes as individual as your business

By taking the time to understand your business, we are able to establish the required areas of support and we then create and provide a service that perfectly fits your needs. Through our tailored approach, we make sure that all of our programmes are always relevant to the location of your business.

Encouraging engagement

We will actively encourage your employees to use our services as much as they wish to. This ensures that any employee, whatever their role, can utilise our support network anywhere, anytime. We run specific, personalised promotional campaigns (global or targeted to a specific country) that raises awareness about particular areas that need to be addressed.

Preventative and proactive support

Our experts train your HR managers to identify staff that may need our assistance. We provide support that is in your employees’ local language. Our proactive approach prioritises early identification through absence reporting. This ensures early intervention, reducing incapacity and disability cases in the long term, and mitigating the risks faced by both the employer and employee. We are also proactive in that we partner with businesses to prepare employees for any massive change processes we can also identify work-related risk factors and offer preventative and proactive support.

Account Manager

Each client has a dedicated Global Account Manager that is supported by in-country account management teams. The dedicated account management team will be made available to not only implement but also continuously support the program. This will extend to the initial global launch as well as in-country meetings to ensure alignment with agreed objectives, aligned to this would be drafting the project plan across launch, marketing and communication, onsite deployment as well as other launch planning requirements.

The dedicated account management team will be there to work closely with your company to ensure an effortless launch in all the locations. They will ‘walk you through’ our contract step by step, advising on branding and recommending the best ways to implement the launch strategy. On an ongoing basis, they are there to discuss account strategy and direction, to provide interpretive centralised reporting and invoicing, and to be your main point conduit to all areas of our support services

Our differentiators

ICAS has the capacity to deliver:

International coverage at a local level

  • We deliver a consistently high level of service through our network of 49 regional offices and various strategic partners, covering over 155 countries.
  • Through our global network, our work spans over 6 continents where we support more than 1500 companies while offering services to over 6.3 million people and their families.

All employee or member services and client relationship management and support is offered primarily in a local language and delivered in-country. No other provider understands local culture and regional variations as well as we do. Whatever the country, the issue or challenge, our services will meet the needs of a diverse population and are relevant and appropriate to the gender, cultural, religious and linguistic requirements of every employee and their family. All our psychologists and mental health professionals are based in-country and we generally do not expect our clients to travel more than 45 minutes or 30 miles to visit them in their consulting rooms.

24/7/365 expert support

We are aware that a crisis can happen at any time. That’s why our teams are placed in local offices and provide expert led services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to employees and their immediate family. It is toll-free access and saves employees time, stress and anxiety, enabling them to stay more focused and productive at work. We provide confidential support to employees and are always available to discuss problems and concerns. All calls are initially answered by qualified psychologists and registered mental health professionals.

Experienced, qualified and committed staff

All 49 international offices are staffed with permanent employees (inclusive of Executive Management, Clinical and Wellness consultants). Our telephonic intake lines ensure we have the appropriate resources and language coverage required for a diverse and global population. All calls are initially answered by qualified psychologists. We have an extensive network of multidisciplinary specialists, ensuring that each aspect of your programme is delivered and managed by people who are fit for purpose. Each member of our Account Management team has no less than 5 years of experience at ICAS and is able to implement our programmes seamlessly. They are available at both a global, regional and local level. All of our clinicians have a masters level qualification as well as a minimum of five years of counselling and therapeutic experience in workplace related support.


ICAS provides omnichannel access to our programmes and services via secure chat, webinars, video, voice calls and mobile applications. All of our services are supported by robust, technological infrastructure. This well-defined management framework maintains Information Security Policy and Standards (ISPS) in line with the International Standard for Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001).

As part of an ICAS global initiative to maintain the highest standards of security around service user data we have upgraded our systems to utilise best of breed Microsoft solution utilising the very latest Microsoft PaaS technology and security offerings. The storage and backup of associated data is within Microsoft data centres (EU based for European data).

Proven partnerships

All of our partnerships meet strict quality assurance standards, strict global clinical and operating standards and are customised for local best practice.  ICAS maintains its global network through a matrix of both own-office service centres and provider partners for both counselling and work-life services.

Rigorous governance is maintained over all aspects of service delivery and strict common global criteria are monitored and audited on a regular basis.  This involves formal applications, interviewing, referencing and registration processes. All service providers (whether in-house or third parties) all have the required minimum professional qualifications and regulations in their respective locations. ICAS counsellors are trained to at least Master-level qualification, and all work-life subject experts (financial and legal) are experienced, qualified professionals in their respective field.

Affiliates are bound by the same clinical standards and any transgressions may lead to de-affiliation. ICAS has developed significant expertise in adjusting its selection criteria in line with local professional bodies and authorities and is confident that clinicians in the ICAS global network provide the same level of services anywhere in the world.

35 years of experience

Established in 1987 – we have 35 years of experience in helping your employees stay healthy, focussed and productive.  By delivering the full spectrum of employee assistance services to all industry sectors over this time, ICAS has developed the intellectual property and expertise needed to establish an integrated employee assistance programme and has also assembled an extensive, diverse and experienced global network of accredited partners. We have gained vast experience in developing rigorous clinical practices and procedures that work across different countries and cultures around the world.

Customised solutions and service offer

ICAS works closely with your business in order to understand its needs. We then provide solutions and services that are adapted to your business’ budget and unique requirements. We do not provide ‘off the shelf services’ but develop bespoke services that will assist your company on employee, managerial, and business levels. No matter what bouquet of services you use it will always be tailored to your specific needs. Our programmes can be straightforward or comprehensive; they can be implemented immediately or in a phased approach.

Service quality

We pride ourselves on constantly striving to improve quality and customer satisfaction and develop innovative solutions to support employees globally. ICAS continuously monitors and evaluates our service quality across all our operations.  There is also an ongoing focus on the training and development of our own staff.

Standardised assessment procedures and quality assurance processes ensure that case management and reporting are always top standard.

Our clinical governance and operating protocols are driven out of our headquarters and this ensures that individual and corporate clients benefit from the global standards of care and attention.

In addition, we produce high quality wellness information in digital and print formats.  Content, layout and language are always locally relevant and customised to your brand identity guidelines.  In doing so, our communication creates an instant recognizability allowing our programmes to capitalise on your brand’s inherent trust.

Our Clients

We support over 1500 clients

Many of these clients have partnered with us for more than 10 years. Our impressive client list makes us big enough to deliver but small enough to care about each of our valued clients.