• Crisis Management Services

Professional, clinical integrity

ICAS provides expert and immediate solutions to organisations, teams and individuals preparing for and recovering from crises. Trauma counselling is made available to employees and their dependants who have experienced a traumatic life event within and/or outside the workplace. Your employees have 24 hour access to a team of clinical experts, seven days a week.

The primary goal of this intervention is to facilitate the immediate recovery process of those who are primary, secondary or tertiary victims of the event. This ensures that they return to being fit for work as soon as possible, whilst vastly decreasing the danger of recurring traumatic stress later in their lives.

Our range of expert solutions help in preparation for and recovery from traumatic incidents. These solutions are the result of years of experience in assisting organisations in the aftermath of international, national and local disasters.

Post trauma services include:

  • Regular tailored feedback provided senior managers,
  • Advice and information on promoting morale and recovery,
  • Ongoing individual care to employees and their families,
  • Coaching and training input as part of incident evaluation.

If not addressed, trauma can cause prolonged episodes of extreme emotional distress.


These solutions are the result of our vast experience in assisting organisations in the aftermath of international, national and local disasters. We have supported organisations in a range of sectors including financial, retail, oil, chemical and transport. Day to day involvement with major incidents has helped us shape unique pre- and post-trauma services for organisations.

Clinical Experts

Our consultants are all clinically trained with a vast range of previous professional qualifications relating to helping people in crisis. Our consultants work very hard to provide expert managerial advice, whilst always keeping the individual employee at the centre of every solution.

We take the time to understand the potential threats and risks to business and staff. We are then in a position to review existing emergency plans and include the human dimension, based on compassion, common sense and continuity.