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Through our global network of ICAS and partner offices, we cover over 50 countries worldwide

How we can support your employees

Case Studies

Our case studies below provide examples of how we can support your employees. Simply click on the images to read the examples.

Jean's new car problems

Jean bought a new car from a garage. However, within a few weeks, problems started to arise. He contacted us for guidance.

Case Study Jean's new car problems

Marco needs a confidence boost

Without any apparent reason, Marco began taking more and more time off work - saying he was sick. Read about how we supported Marco.

Case Study Marco needs a confidence boost

Anna struggles to manage

Anna had just split up with her husband and had been left with two children to bring up. She called the Employee Assistance Programme...

Case Study Anna Struggles to Manage

Fabio finds it hard to cope

Fabio was struggling with his usual workload - missing deadlines and getting behind with important tasks. Find out more about how we provided support and guidance to Fabio.

Case Study Fabio finds it hard to cope

Living and working in a warzone

Ahmed was finding day to day living in a warzone extremely stressful. He contacted the EAP.

Case Study Living in a war zone

Critical incident management

A cargo plane crashed in Germany killing its crew. Discover how we supported the organisation, the employees and their families.

Case Study Crisis Management