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LifeManagement Services

LifeManagement Services

LifeManagement  is our broad work-life support programme provided by teams from diverse backgrounds such as law, consumer advocacy, debt management, childcare, social work and education. All employees and their family members have access to confidential LifeManagement services, in all locations.

LifeManagement ServicesOur LifeManagement service provides a wide ranging information service that enables you to help your employees to take a more preventative approach to every day issues.  Left unresolved, these issues can ultimately impact on job performance resulting in presenteeism and absenteeism.

Advice, information and support in marital breakdown situations is one of the most common services provided by our Legal teams around the world. However, we support clients with a much broader range of legal concerns such as contractual breaches by suppliers of services, child custody and neighbour disputes.

Our most in demand financial service is in the area of debt management,40% coins icon where ICAS work life staff and specialist affiliates work to help clients manage their way out of very difficult credit card debt, educate them on sound budget management and represent them where possible in their negotiations with creditors.

By encouraging individuals to be proactive and to access independent support early, it can reduce the number of issues which could develop into more difficult problems later on which end up costing the company money.

Key Features

  • Expert Advice in the following areas:

     - Relationships. Marriage and cohabitation, separation and divorce including ancillary matters such as financial settlements.
     - Housing issues. Renting property, landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities.
    - Family problems. Parenting, maternity/paternity, childcare, eldercare of ill or dependant relatives, wills.
    - Employment. Contractual issues, conflict, redundancy, performance, managing problems within the workplace.
    - Consumer law & litigation. Problems with goods/services, contracts, deposits, holiday problems, court procedures.
    - Financial. Budgeting, debt management, court claims, tax queries.
  • Impartial support.

    Confidential, impartial service to ensure employees have access to the most reliable and up to date information.
  • A tailored approach.

    We are sensitive to the importance of understanding company culture and how this may impact upon the organisational needs of the company and the issues being faced by their employees. It is of particular relevance when supporting employees with work-related concerns.
  • A holistic service.

    Clients who require counselling often call for LifeManagement help first for information to gain confidence in our service and then go on to use the counselling service. We can quickly deal with both the practical and emotional consequences the individual may be experiencing.
  • Adaptable.

    We are aware that some countries have certain requirements unique to their culture, union rules, local laws or expectations. We can deliver a variety of service levels dependant upon individual company and country requirements.
  • Unparalleled experience.

    Our highly skilled LifeManagement teams have extensive breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to help your employees manage every day issues quickly and effectively.

**Source: HealthInSite 2008