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People Development

ICAS provides customised training on a number of topics to promote health, wellbeing, performance as well as efficacy. In-house training and coaching represent the most effective and profitable solutions for employee and organisational development - especially if combined. Coaching is an outstanding tool for the transfer of training contents into daily practice.

All ICAS trainers, counsellors and coaches are highly qualified experts in their fields with many years of experience.

Here are some examples of the topics we cover:

  • Constructive Conflict-Solving. Practice oriented training to avoidTrainer conflicts and how to react professionally if conflict occurs.
  • Stress Management. Training for individuals, both employees and managers, on stress and its effects, the impact their behaviour has on the stress in others and how to support others suffering from stress.
  • Change management. Training on managing the five phases
    of change and the introduction of techniques to help increase the ability to recover from periods of change.
  • Team Training. Training to improve cooperation and communication to increase the effectiveness and working results of the team.
  • Self-motivation. Motivated employees create value for organisations and this teaches employees to motivate themselves.
  • Be Tobacco Free. Training to help individuals make the steps to becoming tobacco free and how to manage the challenges this may bring.