Environmental and Sustainability Policy

1.  Purpose


1.1   ICAS recognises that it has an impact on the world. From our business practices and how we run our offices, through to how we treat our people and the communities we engage with around the world.

1.2   It is important to all here at ICAS that we act in a sustainable way which allows us to continue to meet our high expectations in providing high-quality care to our clients.


2.  Policy Statement


2.1  We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance. This is an integral part of our business strategy and operating method which requires regular review.


3.  Our Environment


3.1   We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and becoming a sustainable organisation.

3.2  We engage with our staff to raise awareness and work with our suppliers to ensure their services are responsibly sourced also.

3.3  We will continue to comply with the relevant environmental legislation, and endeavour to exceed the requirements by continually monitoring our impact. Where improvements can be made, we will act quickly to make the necessary changes.

3.4   ICAS continually looks to experts for guidance and support on environmental issues, such as the Carbon Trust for advice on how best we can help reduce our impact.

3.5   The initiatives already underway include, (where possible) reducing and modernising our property portfolio, encouraging recycling among staff, and making better and more efficient use of our technology.


4.  Office supplies


4.1   We are striving towards becoming a paper-free office and electronic filing is encouraged across the network where this is possible.

4.2   If any packaging is needed, recyclable products are used and we will aim to reduce the use of these products as much as possible.

4.3   All new office needs will be evaluated before any purchase is made, and if the requirement can be satisfied without the need for new supplies this will  be arranged.

4.4   ICAS will favour environmentally friendly and efficient products and will reuse and recycle where we are able to.


5  Office spaces


5.3   Our office providers based in London have a rigorous Environment and Building Sustainability policy, which accessible via their website. They are also a member of the UK Green Building Council, whose mission is to improve the sustainability of the built-up environment. Within the policy they have highlighted their aim to reduce their carbon footprint, working to achieve Net Zero Carbon and zero waste to landfill. ICAS will support our office providers as much as possible to help them achieve their ambitious environmental objectives.

5.2   In 2021 our largest operations in South Africa recently moved to a new green building. This means that the office considers its impact on the environment, takes necessary measures to ensure the energy used is efficient and where possible, looks to lower emissions.

5.3   We will only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.


6.  Travel


6.1  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic more and more of our colleagues are working remotely, and or using a ‘hybrid model’, therefore reducing the day-to-day travel to and from the offices. ICAS is keen to continue this model to maximise the benefits on the environment.

6.2  International travel is restricted to necessary trips only, and where possible sustainable methods of transportation is used.


7  Our People and our community


7.1  We actively encourage our people to have an open dialogue with senior leaders on all matters, including our environmental policy for greater commitment to this policy.

7.2  If applicable, relevant staff members will receive environmental training to broaden awareness and compliance.

7.3  Within our sphere of influence, we will work with our connections such as our suppliers, contractors and any sub-contractors to improve their environmental policies and overall performance on this issue. ICAS is committed to use local labour and materials to reduce our CO2 emissions and further help communities.


8.  Contact


8.1  For further information please contact corporatelegal@icasworld.com

ICAS is now becoming Lyra
The leading EAP solution with short-term counselling to support employee well-being and life management needs.
ICAS is now becoming Lyra
The leading EAP solution with short-term counselling to support employee well-being and life management needs.