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Online Services

Health and Wellbeing at your fingertips

Our online services are designed to allow your employees to access different elements of the EWP through one portal.  This portal can be customised to include information about your organisations health and wellbeing programmes, helping streamline our EWP into your other employee support programmes.

Available via the ICASLifestyle gateway are:-

  • ICASLifestyle Library - Easy to use information centre, offering wide ranging expert support on health and wellbeing themes.
  • ICASLifestyleCheck - Health risk assessment tool providing personalised health reports and suggestions for positive lifestyle changes.
  • Health and wellbeing videos and podcasts from our experts
  • ICASInfo hub - customisable area and details about the EWP service 

ICASLifestyle Library

Provides access to a wealth of information on a wide range of personal and work issues to help individuals manage life's everyday challenges.  It provides an excellent way of finding help without having to surf the internet and run the risk of getting incorrect or conflicting information. It is available in part in 26 languages.

" Wow, what an excellent, well structured, informative and user-friendly site... and its good looking too..."


A comprehensive health assessment that addresses a wide range of medical and health issues. The tool can help to accomplish business goals by identifying employees' health risks, encouraging them to set goals to reduce their risks and providing the necessary support and information to be successful.

It is available in 26 languages. 

Healthier employees have lower levels of absenteeism and are more motivated to make a positive contribution to an organisation. By promoting health, fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing to employees, organisations can expect to enhance performance and increase productivity.

Reporting provides analysis of key organisational data that is benchmarked across industry sectors. The profiling of behavioural and health risks highlight specific areas of concern enabling organisations to target health based interventions.

Videos & Podcasts

Our library of resources includes video information on the EWP in a number of languages as well as podcasts on health and wellbeing topics.

ICASInfo Hub

A customisable area in which you can promote your organisation's health and wellbeing programme.

Employees can find out more about their EWP services and have the opportunity to subscribe to our regular newsletter.


Provides a secure and confidential portal for employees to receive support from a fully qualified counsellor via email.  This is particularly beneficial for employees who are not comfortable discussing their worries over the telephone or face-to-face.

Like face-to-face or telephone counselling, it is completely confidential.

Take the opportunity to learn some simple relaxation techniques that can be practised whilst at your desk. This podcast is one of a selection that can be found on ICASLifestyle.

De-stress at your desk

To find out more information on ICASLifestylecheck, please download our fact sheet.