ICAS World Limited – Health & Safety Policy Statement

July 2021

Statement of intent


The Board of the ICAS World group is committed to high standards of health and safety across the group. It is the policy of ICAS to look after the health and safety of its employees and visitors by:


  • complying with applicable health and safety law
  • providing places of work and systems of work which are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to physical or mental health
  • maintaining a culture of safety-consciousness


The provisions in this policy apply to all legal entities in the ICAS group. An ICAS legal entity may additionally adopt more detailed policies and procedures to suit its particular business, legal and regulatory environment, provided they are consistent with this overall policy.


Responsibilities for health and safety


The group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has overall accountability for health and safety.

The group Board is responsible for providing sufficient resources to meet the company’s health and safety obligations.

The Director of Group Corporate Services is responsible for coordinating the implementation of this policy and reporting significant outcomes to the CEO.

In countries where the law requires a designated Health and Safety Officer, the Director of Group Corporate Services takes that role. Every ICAS office where more than 20 people work has a safety representative nominated by, or elected by, employees at that office. If there are two or more safety representatives at an office, a health and safety committee is established.

The CEO of each legal entity within the group is responsible for ensuring that relevant national health and safety laws are identified and complied with. As a UK company, ICAS International Holdings Limited must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The South Africa subsidiary must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993.

Employees are responsible for taking reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.


Arrangements for health and safety


Risk assessment


A health and safety risk assessment is carried out to identify what could harm people in the workplace. The assessment examines not only risks of physical injury but also risks of work-related stress. Any measures identified as necessary in the assessment are implemented. The risk assessment is reviewed annually and when there is a significant change in working conditions.


Working environment


Some employees work at ICAS premises or in serviced offices arranged by ICAS. The company ensures that the working environment at these sites complies with national safety legislation, such as taking measures to protect people against fire and other environmental hazards.

Working at home is the normal arrangement for many employees. For employees who normally work in offices, working at home my occur temporarily for various reasons, if authorised by the employer. Employees who work at home are supported to meet standards of health and safety in their homes comparable to that provided in offices, ranging from the availability of ergonomic equipment and a first-aid kit to compliance with applicable working time regulations. Employees are encouraged to have frequent remote contact with their managers and other team members, to prevent problems potentially associated with isolation.


Accident & incident reporting & investigation


Employees must report all workplace injuries, accidents, near accidents and safety breaches to the Group HR Partner as soon as possible. The Group HR Partner must store all such reports and notify any serious accidents to senior management within 24 hours. Any lessons learned from accidents or incidents are used to prevent recurrence.


Culture and communication


Employees receive information about health and safety as part of the induction process. Contracts of employment will state that working safely is a condition of employment. Disciplinary action will be taken if an employee has compromised their own or another person’s health and safety.

Senior managers demonstrate leadership in health and safety.


Covid-19 pandemic


ICAS takes reasonable steps to protect employees and others from transmission of the Covid-19 virus, in particular:


  • identifying what work activities or situations might cause transmission of the virus and removing those activities or situations or, if this is not possible, controlling the risk
  • identifying people who are vulnerable and supporting them to work safely during the pandemic
  • following the latest regulations and guidance from the relevant national government
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ICAS is now becoming Lyra
The leading EAP solution with short-term counselling to support employee well-being and life management needs.