Health and Wellbeing at your fingertips

We have a wealth of up-to-date online tools, information and guidance for both employees, managers and EAP champions.

ICASLifestyle has been designed to allow your employees access to different elements of the EAP through one website. There is a wealth of information on a wide range of personal and work issues to help individuals manage life’s everyday challenges. It provides an excellent way of finding help without having to surf the internet and run the risk of getting incorrect or conflicting information. Users can also find their helpline number and details about our services.

This online portal can be customised to include information about your company’s health and wellbeing programmes, helping streamline our EAP into your other employee support programmes.

Key Features

  • Easy access to helpline numbers via a drop down list that is client specific
  • “What is your EAP?” area with a downloadable multilingual guide to explain what an EAP is to employees
  • Large, continuously expanding resource library with articles, information and self-assessment questionnaires covering 6 areas: Work Concerns, Life Skills, Emotional Health, Physical Health, Family Issues and Managing People
  • Quarterly e-newsletter, regular polls & quizzes to solve
  • Videos and podcasts from our experts
  • InfoHub – a news and information centre that you can customise with details of your other employee support programmes, events and activities
  • Available in 26 languages
  • Fully compatible with mobile devices and can be easily viewed on smart phones and tablet


What is ICASLifestyleCheck?

ICASLifestyleCheck is our online health risk assessment (HRA) tool that is secure, interactive and multilingual. It is available in 26 languages.

Healthier employees have lower levels of absenteeism and are more motivated to make a positive contribution to an organisation. By promoting health, fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing to employees, organisations can expect to enhance performance and increase productivity.

ICASLifestyleCheck can help to accomplish business goals by identifying employees’ health risks, encouraging them to set goals to reduce their risks and providing the necessary support and information to be successful.

Reporting provides analysis of key organisational data that is benchmarked across industry sectors. The profiling of behavioural and health risks highlight specific areas of concern enabling organisations to target health based interventions.

How does it work?

ICASLifestyleCheck recognises that no two people are alike and uses sophisticated technology to gather information on each user:

  • Personal details (gender, date of birth, marital status)
  • Work (e.g. productivity and work function)
  • Habits (smoking, drinking, eating & exercise habits)
  • Medical conditions and screenings
  • Family history

Responses to the assessment are evaluated against national and international research, standards and guidelines which results in the employee being given a wellness risk score. Personalised information and recommendations on how to make positive changes is then provided for each health risk factor.

Key Features

  • My Dashboard. This provides users with concise, at-a-glance actionable information they can use to make informed decisions about their health.
  • A visual comparison of overall wellness risk scores: past, present and future
  • “Connects the dots” between current lifestyle and biometric indicators of future health issues
  • Spotlights key biometrics, highlighting unknown values as well those that need action
  • “Smart” goal setting. The user is invited to set goals to lower their personal health risks. Their personal profile scores each risk factor based on their present lifestyle and then shows how the scores will be reduced if they achieve their goals.
  • Personal Action Plan. This details recommendations relating to conditions and risks identified in the employee’s risk profile.
  • It’s confidential. Only the individual will know the unique combination of Login Identifier and Password that they have selected.


Our ICASMercury is our proprietary marketing delivery tool, an online system that automatically distributes the marketing materials to our clients. ICASMercury also houses our Manager Resource Centre, a portal providing support for managers on all aspects of our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Promotional Materials Distribution Tool

Clients login using a unique id and download or print off promotional materials. Clients are notified every time new materials have been posted on ICASMercury. The annual promotional plan is shared with clients so that they know what to expect for the next 12 months.

Key Features

  • Easy access to promotional materials
  • Individuals are given a unique personal login
  • Clients have personalised access to materials i.e. only the languages and countries appropriate for them
  • ICASMercury can also be used to monitor engagement, by identifying individuals who are not downloading the marketing materials

Manager Resource Centre

We provide information and resources to help managers support employees and their families in times of difficulty. A manager is likely to be the first person to recognise that an employee is experiencing difficulties, either by a change in attitude, problems with colleagues or mistakes or lack lustre performance.

Our Managers Resource Centre (MRC) is an online portal providing information for managers on launching, promoting and using the EAP.

Key Features

  • How the EAP can support managers
  • Guide on how to refer an employee to the EAP
  • Strategies for engaging employees in workplace wellbeing
  • How managers can make a difference to the wellbeing of staff
  • Manager support materials. For example, managing change and managing workplace stress.
  • Guidance for EAP Champions
  • Information on available training seminars
  • Help on how to prepare for, and recover from, traumatic events
  • Downloadable video overview of the EAP


Provides a secure and confidential portal for employees to receive support from a fully qualified counsellor via email.  This is particularly beneficial for employees who are not comfortable discussing their worries over the telephone or face-to-face.

Key Features

  • Completely confidential & secure
  • 24/7/365
  • Employees can access at a time that suits them
  • All emails are answered by qualified counsellors and psychologists