• People Development

Did you know?

82% of global employees feel that their skills and knowledge base needed to grow*
*Source: 2015 Kelly Global Workplace Index

Performance learning brings about a measurable improvement in ‘on the job behaviour’ and work performance. We work hand-in-hand with clients to identify where and how learning can bridge a performance gap through appropriate quantitative and qualitative measures. Our learning interventions are focussed directly to achieve on-the-job application and the retention of results. Therefore, our Performance Learning is referred to as the results-fuelled ‘go-do’ approach.


Our training has a strategic focus on developing and enhancing

  • Grit (courage and resolve, strength of character)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Skills
  • Achievement Coaching
  • Intuitive Mentoring

Each topic is specifically customised towards an employee, entire team or leader within an organisation. Our focus within your organisation is on enabling employees to cope with continuous change in a healthy and sustainable way, coaching teams to manage in group work and alignment, and encouraging positive power to leaders to build and maintain sincere relationships,

Blended Learning

ICAS combines Instructor Led Training (ILT) with online learning. Blended learning is learner-centric and provides better control to the learner over the pace he/she wants to learn. The learner has the flexibility to refer to online courses in case he/she missed something during the ILT sessions and can refresh his/her knowledge after a session. It offers better opportunities for collaboration in the form of online discussions, feedback, messaging and communicating with peers and instructors. We provide:

  • E-learning
  • Interactive workshops
  • Face-to-face coaching
  • Nuggets – learn in a ‘bite-sized format
  • FAST learning method
    • F: Foundation (awareness and knowledge building)
    • A: Application (building conceptual and behavioural skills)
    • S: Self Development (attitudinal and motivational)
    • T: Tuning (experience development and mentoring coaching)